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The Bunette is a hair bun that was designed and patended by me, Cristoli, to make it fast and easy to create a variety of styles.

Just clip it on your hair and go!

You can wear just one Bunette or attach a couple Bunettes to create an exciting look!

The Bunette comes in 2 Sizes: LARGE & SMALL

Combine both sizes to create cute styles.

As you can see in my pictures, I wear any color Bunette with my natural black hair!

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7th Feb 2020

Great Invention

This is a great invention and this bun is so easy to wear. You can literally create a bun hairstyle in a second

1st Feb 2020


Very beautiful hair bun. I bought the size large Bunette and it makes the perfect hair bun.

30th Jan 2020

Wear it everyday

I love the bunette so much I wear it every day because I cant think of another style I can make faster

18th Jan 2020

Perfect with the goddess braid

I bought the big bunette and the goddess braid headband and they looks so good together. This bunette is the easiest bun I ever seen

11th Jan 2020

Admire this girl

I don’t know Cristoli personally and I don't normally leave reviews but I have to give props to her company. I admire this girl for inventing this style bun. Im happy that a black woman invented this. It is a pretty bun and looks natural. Everywhere I go someone ask me how I made this bun

5th Jan 2020

Takes the work out of making bun styles

The Bunette takes the work out of us creating our own bun hairstyles. You only have to clip this on. Very fast and very easy

29th Dec 2019

Wear it with the gel

I wear this bun with my hair slicked up with the cristoli gel

23rd Dec 2019

I like it

Yes. I like the bun and would recommend to a friend

20th Dec 2019

Bought the purple

Purple is my favorite color so I was excited that they had this product in purple color. The purple bun is mixed with black so its not too bright and I can wear it to work

17th Dec 2019

Nice idea but not for long hair

This is a nice idea for a bun but it is not for those of us with long hair because there is nowhere to hide your real hair. I bought the size large bunette but it still didn’t cover all my hair. Im glad I have enough of my REAL hair so I don’t need to wear this

17th Dec 2019

Very talented

I like this new brand and it just shows how we black women can be very talented. The bunette was a superb idea and I like how easy it is. I was very happy that they showed us so many pictures with this hairstyle. It gives me ideas on new styles I can create for myself. I think Cristoli is very talented and all the hair buns are good styles.

12th Dec 2019

Very age appropriate

I am 56 years old and I was wondering if this would be age appropriate for me. I am happy I bought them because they do make a nice neat bun. They are not just for the young kids

9th Dec 2019

Pretty bun but gets messy fast

The bunettes is very pretty and its so fast to apply it but it does get messy fast. Ive been wearing it for only 2 weeks and its already looking beat up

6th Dec 2019

Makes my life easier

This has made my life easier and I can get out the door much faster in the mornings. This is like hair bun for dummies. I just slide in the clip and am done

1st Dec 2019

Cristoli made me an addict!

First I was hooked on her dugla gel then I discovered her bunette and Im now an addict! I wear this bun every day and I keep coming back to her website to look for new styles.

26th Nov 2019

Fastest hairstyle ever!

Love love the bunette! It looks so natural like my own hair texture and I can clip it on my hair in 2 secs. This must be the fastest hairstyle ever!

22nd Nov 2019

I have 3

I bought 3 of these mini buns and I am so glad I found them! They are cute in my hair and it’s the easiest way to make a bun hairstyle

20th Nov 2019

Beautiful bun!

I loved looking at all the pictures for this bun I had to buy it both in small and large. The large one is my favorite because it makes a nice full bun!

16th Nov 2019

They can make many styles

I came back to this site to make my 2nd purchase for these Bunettes. I've been creating so many styles with these and I needed more. They really are a good invention because 1. its easy to put them in and 2. they match black womens hair and 3. they can be worn together at the same time to make so many hairstyles

12th Nov 2019

Fast and easy bun

Very fast and easy to get a natural looking bun

10th Nov 2019

Please make this for wavy hair!!!

I bought one of her bigger buns and I really would love to try this one but the texture is too coarse for my hair I just know it wont look good. Can you make the same style in a texture for those of us with wavy type 3 hair?

7th Nov 2019

Luv it

I tried it on as soon as I got mines. It was very easy to put on my hair. Luvs it!

28th Oct 2019


I give this all 5 stars because this bunette was the perfect! It is the best hair addition I've seen in a long time.

25th Oct 2019

Wear it with a clip on bang

I got ideas from the pictures on Cristoli's website and decided to wear these bunettes with one of her clip on bangs. My style looked so good! Couldn’t ask for a nicer result

23rd Oct 2019

Simple bun

I like the bun but I don’t now if I would call it a great invention. Its just some hair on a hair pin

14th Oct 2019

Helps create effortless styles

The best thing about the Bunettes is that I can create all types of styles effortlessly. You don’t need to be good at doing hair in order to make these styles. I only need to part my hair and attach the bunettes

8th Oct 2019

Good hair quality

I wear these almost everyday and I must say I really like the quality of the hair. It has a kinky-straight texture so it matches my natural hair